Wojtek the Soldier Bear

The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’. This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War. He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo. Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England. Pupils will learn history and develop their creativ...

Wojtek figure - competition

The winner is:

One more competition. Let's choose the best Wojtek figure.

They all are made by students and each of them is different. Each class gives their points: 3 points - for the best one, 2 points - for the second best and 1 point - for the third best.


Given points  (class,school,


Final  score 

Wojtek's figure competition

Class 5b, SP 9 - 2p.

Class 1a SP 9 - 2p.

Class 4b SP 9 - 1p.

Class 4a SP9 - 1p.    
Class 5b, SP9 - 1p    

Class 3b SP9 - 2p.

Class 3 E - 2p.



Class 5b SP9 - 3p.

Class 3b SP9 - 3p.

Class 1a SP9 - 3p.

Class 4a SP9 - 3p.

Class 3 E - 3p

Class 4b SP9 - 3p.

Class 4 E - 2p

Class 1a SP9 - 1p.    

Class 3b SP9 - 1p.

Class 4a SP9 - 2p.

Class 3 E - 2p.

Class 4b SP9 - 2p.

Class 4 E - 3p



Author: Anna Szczepaniak
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