Wojtek the Soldier Bear

The project will be an exploration of issues connected with the story of Wojtek, the ‘Soldier bear’. This brown bear became a member of the Polish army during the Second World War. He finished his life after the war in Edinburgh Zoo. Monuments to the bear exist in Poland, Scotland and England. Pupils will learn history and develop their creativ...

Logo competition


Please upload 6 logos from your school and copy them into this file.


The rules for voting are as follows:

Each school has to pick their favourite 3 logos.

Please give 3 marks to the logo you like the best; 2 marks to the logo which is 2nd; and 1 mark to the logo which is 3rd.

You can't vote for your own school!

We will then add up all the marks and see which logo is the winning logo for the project.

If there is a tie, we will have a second round of voting.

Logo competition

Picture in this column                                                                       


vote and school total vote     

Example: Steeton School logo 1

Eastburn 2

Poland 1

total: 3

Eastburn School 1




Eastburn 2



Eastburn 3


Poland 3 Total: 3

Eastburn 4




Eastburn 5



Eastburn 6



Steeton 1



Steeton 2


Steeton 3


Steeton 4

Poland 1 Total: 1

Steeton 5


Steeton 6

Poland 2 Total: 2

Poland 1

Steeton 3

Eastburn 3

Total: 6

Poland 2

Steeton 1 Total: 1

Poland 3


Poland 4

Steeton 2

Eastburn 2

Total: 4


Poland 5


Poland 6

Eastburn 1 Total: 1


Author: Diana Linford
Last editor: Diana Linford