International Team 36: Camaiore/Riez

  • Hello Pascale, it seems we are in the same team. I work with 20 pupils, 8 years old. They started this year with Scratch, so they are almost beginners. We are in a little school of not much more than 100 students in Camaiore, Tuscany. We will start soon to think a challenge for you.Bye.

    Hello Marco! Yes, we are in the same team! Very glad to share the last challenge with you and your pupils.

    My students are 9/10 years old. They discovered scratch this year with this etwinning project, therefore they are beginners. I've got 15 students in my form, and 100 in my school. We live in a small village in south of France (Provence). Here are some pictures of our land and village.

    Your village seems to be very nice! Can you show us where you live ? Many thanks!

    See you soon!!! Pascale

    Beautiful place, in the middle of the mountains, near a lake and not far from the sea and with the sweet weather of South of France!

    Hello Marco!  This is the first game we did for you and your students! I hope we'll have enough time to do some more!

    Enjoy it!

    At the moment we are still working at the second challenge. I think in two weeks we will be ready to really start with the third. We are going to speak a little about your town in geography. This is our school website To hear from you soon. Marco


    Hi! We have been thinking to the challenge for you but didn't find anything better than what Olivier proposed: create a game of any kind (collecting, maze, kart, super mario, etc) for the other class.  Is that ok for you? If yes we could start working on it.


    Hello Marco! I have some ideas for the third challenge : we could work on European monuments or fairy tales characters. The idea is that the first partner creates a first page on scratch with a picture of a character or monument with a question "where is it from?". the second partner will have to create the reply (what to do with the right answer? what to do with a false answer?) and then to propose another picture. Then the first partner will work on the second picture (create the reply) and so on... Therefore, the two classes will work on the all game.

    What do you think about that?


    Good idea. We will start working on it. How to organize the exchange of projects? Here on the page?

    Here is a little presentation on Riez and France by Samuele. One of my pupils:


    Thank you Samuele! You did a great job! ��


    Dear Pascale,

    here is a simple project that I hope is in the direction of what you asked for. The project only asks questions and doesn't manage the answers, so you can do it adding some code lines. Note, for instance, that it is a only first step, with repeating patterns. It is written in Italian, as we had not the time to translate it to English, but we could leave it like this and you could write in French, so our pupils could try to understand a new language.



    Now we are taking some more steps. In this project, from Lapo, we use loops, variables and lists to check the answers.

    Hello Marco! What a nice job you did!!! It's exactly what I was thinking about! I tried it myself and I did the same patterns. I will propose my students to write in English because I would like them to pratice it in this project. Do you agree?

    Best regards



    Thank you Pascale, ok for English language. Our next steps will be changing backdrops randomly and making quizzes on famous European historic big names, or European dishes.

    Happy Easter


    Hello Marco! 

    I did not start yet the games with my students. I've got many projects at that time. But I expect to start them in the coming weeks... 

    Best regards!