International Team 25 : Ornago / St Félix

  • 15/   Your package is arrived! Wow! How many presents! We are all very thankful!


    We have given your wonderful wooden Tour Eiffel to our principal, so it will be shown in the middle school, where my students will be next year.

    This has been a wonderful experience, we have learnt a lot and we also have had a lot of fun! Thanks to you and to your teacher Olivier!

    Our school year is ending, tomorrow it will be our last day at school. It seems impossible... but we are a little sad...

    I hope we will collaborate again in the future, but unfortunately with other students, because this is the last year at the primary school for my students!


    Thank you very much for all!



    We wish you a very good holiday !! We are on holiday July 7 !!!



    14/   Hello to our Italian friends!
    Our second package is ready !

    Letters, gifts and sweets!
    For Roberta: eTwinning gifts!
    We hope you like it! It must arrive on 5 or 6 June.





    WOW!!! What a surprise!!!!  We are looking forword to receive it!!!!



    13/ Dear friends,

           your ping pong game is so nice that we have decided to create one too... but with only a player for this time!    

           Some of us created other kinds of games. We hope you enjoy them!

           We have also added other labirinths.

    P.S.: we are happy you receieved our package!!! :-)


    Creato con Padlet





    12/ Dear friends, We received your package. Thank you very much. All students and happy to receive your letters and gifts. Thank you very much !!





    11/ Dear French friends, 

          here there are our first labirinth games! Others will arrive as soon as possible!

          We hope you will enjoy yourselves!


    Creato con Padlet


    10/ We finally sent our package for you. It will arrive in a week... we hope. We prepared something for you, thinking of spring and Easter. We have no tipical products in Ornago, so we'd like to share a recipe of one of our typical cake.

    Hope you enjoy it!




    Fantastic ! We are on vacation for two weeks so we will open your parcel upon our return. Thank you very much ! French Team


    9/ We made the third challenge for our Italian friends!


    Here is the first game of Ping Pong.

    You've made a very good job! Your ping pong game is nice and it's really amusing to play in pairs!

    Can you give us the scratch link, so we can give a look inside? We are courious...

    We hope we'll be able to post our first labirinth games next week!



    8/ Wow!  We received your package and we opened it! What a surprise! Thank you so much!

    It is all wonderful and … Haribo sweets are delicious! 

    Roberta and the other teachers of the classes like your specialty very much.

    The students choosen by one of you are very happy and also the other ones like your bookmarks very much! Alessandro is waiting his package and he is very excited!


    We are still preparing something for you... Looking at your presentations and presents we could find only 13 of your names: Léo, Yanis, Ethel, Manon, Angélina, Adrien, Elliot, Shirley, Timy, Noah, Kylyann, Enzo and Lilie. Can you please tell us who is missing?


    Thank you very much! You make us feel really very happy!


    Thank you for your message, I'm glad that the package has arrived.

    The student who is absent is Mahe.





    We have posted our package to Ornago.
    Inside: gifts for the 45 students, a specialty for Roberta, surprises ....
    Each student selected a correspondent (looking at your presentations), and wrote a letter. For the other students, we made bookmarks.

    We hope you enjoy it.

    A student gave his letter late. I'll send it to you tomorrow. It is for Alessandro (Who wants to be a pilot)



    6/ Now we have started to work... we are trying ro create our first labirinth.... Copying your idea, we have created our board diary! We looked at your work... it seems it will become a great ping pong game!!! Let's go on and improve our works! 

    Creato con Padlet


    5/ Hello every one! Here we are. Before starting to work on scratch we realized a presentation of us. We can't use our real photos, so we created an avatar! Hope you like them! And what about you?


    Creato con Padlet


    4/ We are working on the challenge: it's not easy! We'll have to think a lot !


    Made with Padlet



    Ornago is a town of about 5.000 inhabitants, situated in the Po Valley, near the Brianza hills.

    Here you can see its typical country landscape.



    This is our primary school; here there are 13 classes, with 262 students. 





    In the same building complex, there is also the secondary school, 177 students.





    The space we love most is the big garden




    Unfortunately, in Ornago we haven’t  any typical production as you have for the Roquefort, but near our town (13 km far away) there is the city of Gorgonzola, where it’s said the cheese Gorgonzola (that looks like your Roquefort, but it’s made by cow’s milk) was created.



    Where are we ?

    Our village is in the valley of Sorgues.

    Here, sheep are raised to make Roquefort.


    Our village: about 150 inhabitants.

    Our school

    The Team 


    Hello Roberta, I'm very happy to work with you. I have 14 students in my class, between 8 and 11 years.
    They are preparing a presentation for you.
    See you soon .


    Hi Olivier! We are so happy too! I am working with two classes, 45 children, 10/11 years old.

    As soon as possible (we are still working with shapes!) we'll realise our presentation for you.




    Hi Olivier,

    we are beginning to think about the third challenge. It will be about creating a game, will it? May we (me and you) share some ideas or it's better it is a surpraise even for the teachers? What do you think about?  Thanks. Roberta.


    Hi Roberta,

    For the third challenge, my students want their new Italian friends to make a "video game".

    I think the simplest is the labyrinth game. But, your students seem very motivated, so they can also choose another game.

    I would also send a package to your students. Do you agree? And to what exact address, should it be sent?



    Hello Olivier,

    the idea of video-game is good, so we would like to challenge you in the same way. May we choose two different games? I’ve found in Scratch a quite easy step-by-step tutorial for the ping-pong game. It can be found both in Italian and in French… maybe the work will become easier for our students. Also the catch game (apple in the basket, for example) seems to be easy, but the French tutorial has some parts in English (our version is all in Italian). I really like the labyrinth too. What do you prefer to be challenged by? For me and my students all this three games are good enough.

    Each of my students is recording his own presentation: I've never seen them so eager to speak in English. I can’t post their photos, because some parents don’t allow it, so they are creating an avatar that represent them.

    I love your idea to exchange a package, and I’ll propose it to my students, so we’ll decide together what to send you.

    My school address is :  ROBERTA COLOMBO

                                         c/o SCUOLA PRIMARIA 

                                         via Carlo Porta 4

                                         20876 Ornago (MB) 


    And yours?        

    See you



    PS:  Beautiful photos, wonderful children and region!    


    Hi Roberta,

    We accept your challenge and we will make the game of ping pong! We will also try to create other games.
    Thank you for the presentation of your region and your school.
    This Friday, we go on vacation, for 2 weeks. We will finish preparing our package, at the return.

    My school adress :         Ecole Publique

                                       Le Bourg

                                       12400 St Félix de Sorgues





    Perfect! So we accept your challenge of labirinth game! 

    Have a good vacation! 

    See you in two weeks! Bye.