International Team 24 : Sfax TUNISIE/Prats de Lluçanès ESPAGNE

  • Imen Taktak Marzouk_Pionner Middle School of Sfax Tunisia.

    Our challenge is to code a game in which:

    *** we put as a spirit a 3D image like this

    *** we will put a ballon and some animated obstacles that move all the time in different direction

    *** the ballon must be moved using the direction keys without touching the obstacles



    Hi, I'm Carme Castellà. I'm so glad to have a partner on this part of the project. I thaught we couldn't continue. I accept your challenge. Next week I'm going to explain it to my pupils and we'll send one for you. 


    Our challenge is to code a labyrinth in this grid

    To make a maze/labyrinth with scratch…

    1. You have to use the grid as a background.
    2. Then you have to paint the walls of the maze by filling the squares.
    3. When you finish you have to choose a sprite from the file
    4. Then code this sprite to move with arrow keys.
    5. Finally code the sprite to not move if touching the maze/walls.
    6. If you want You can add some sound effects or prices/scores.


    *** Our live event : 16/03/2017***

    *** Tunisian Song***

    Fait avec Padlet


    *** This padlet is created to post our games on it 


    Hecho con Padlet