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  • I.C. "G.Falcone" Grottaferrata

    Creato con Padlet

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    Gabriella e Marta D D 2 Bosco Marcianise



    Angelo e Raffaele D D 2 Bosco Marcianise(press space)


    Giovanna e Tonia D.D.2 Bosco-Marcianise Inglish:
    Drag the pencil to decide where to place it, once you have decided, click the GREEN FLAG or SPACE key or the letter A or B or C to create a design. 
    Trascina la matita per decidere dove posizionarla ,una volta deciso,clicca la BANDIERINA VERDE o il tasto SPAZIO o la lettera A o B o C per creare un disegno. 



    Annapia e Alessia D.D.2 Bosco- Marcianise




    Arecchia Vincenzo & Frattolillo Ettore / D.D.2 Bosco, Marcianise.






    I.C. Giovanni Fal





    IC Camaiore 3. Kids crate regular shapes. The aim is to have them understanding that it is possible to create any regular polygon, just dividing 360 degree by the number of angles. The next step would be creating a dynamic project who asks the number of sides, and then draws the shape, but I think we have not the time to do it as we have to start the third challenge.

    This was a mistake but, neverthless, interesting:


    Creato con Padlet


    Primary school of Ornago 


    Creato con Padlet


    Creato con Padlet


    Creato con Padlet



    From IC Camaiore 3, the simple task was to draw a triangle.
    Pupils tried to change the rotation angle until they found that
    the right one is 120 degrees.

    By STABIAE school- use your mouse for drawing

    By Francesco 1F STABIAE school

    By Luigi, 11- STABIAE school

    By Laura,11 years old- STABIAE school. The task was to draw a free geometric form

    By Alessandro,11 -STABIAE school

    By Renato and Mattia 1F STABIAE

    By Filippo, 8 years old. The task was to draw a square. IC Camaiore 3.

    By Maddalena, 8 years old. the task was to draw a square, but something got wrong: guess what? The result is interesting anyway. IC Camaiore3.