International Team 29: Sant'Arcangelo (Italy)/Saint Jean d'Alcas (France)

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    I. C. "G. Castronuovo" - Sant'Arcangelo - Italy

    Here are our games for you. Have fun.



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    Hello !

    Yes, we are in the same team! Very glad to share the last challenge with you and your pupils.

    My students are 9/10 years old. They discovered scratch this year with this etwinning project, therefore they are beginners. I've got 23 students in my class. We live in a small village in the south of Italy.

    we are beginning to think about the third challenge too. It will be about creating a game, will it? What do you think about?  

    See you soon!!!

    Anna Maria

    Here are some pictures of our region, village and school.

    Our little village is called Sant'Arcangelo and is situated in Basilicata region in the south of Italy.

    Here are some photos of our Town.

    The Monanstery of Santa Maria di Orsoleo

    Here we are in front of our school.


    We are waiting to hear from you!

    Bye bye.