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    Hope you have enjoyed this beautiful project!!


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    Friday 13th May




    After getting all answers to the satisfaction survey from teachers, here you go the results:

    As you can see in the charts all teachers in Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy  (Q1) have answered the satisfaction poll. For most teachers, this wasn't our first eTwinning project, only 2 teachers were beginners (Q2)

    For all of us the project was quite interesting (Q3). That's really satisfying after all work we've done organizing tasks and adjusting the project timetable. We all have enjoyed doing this project and getting our students involved.

    Among teachers, there are two favourite tasks (Q4) which were Task3.2 (exchanging postcards) and Task2 (choosing the nicest place in each country) followed by Task 3.1 (learning about medieval heritage). Maybe we have enjoyed the most with the task our students have also enjoyed the most.

    When asked about our intention of participating in future eTwinning projects (Q5), all of us  have shown our willingness in doing so.