Internet Safety & Copyright Tips

  • Internet Safety & Copyright Tips


    How to use Online Images

              Some advice on how to use Images from online sources legally:

           Essential Guide to Using Images Legally Online

           How to Use Internet Images Legally


    • Create your own graphics
    • Use your own photos
    • Download images from trusted sources

               Here are a few places that provide public domain images and images

               under Creative Common Licese:

             Public Domain Archive

             Free Images

             World Images 

             Wikimedia Commons

             Every Stock Photo

             Google Life Photo

    How to Protect your Personal Information

          Some advice on how to protect your personal information:

    • Protect your Personal Information with strong passwords.
    • Keep Personal Information private.
    • Don't share Personal Information on public Wifi connections.

    How to Secure your Online Activity

          Some advice on how to secure your online activity:

    • Make sure your devices are secure.
    • Pay attention to software updates.
    • Set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
    • Back Up Your Personal Data.