The answers to the quiz

  • Here are the answers to our Big Quiz !


    1) Which Mathematical features was the Portuguese class looking for?

    Answer: Symmetries


    2) What's the name of the strategy game the Portuguese students played?

    Answer: Alquerque


    3) What was the topic of the French workshop in Aix?

    Answer: Line networks


    4) About french pupils' workshop in Le Thoronet

    Answer: The golden ratio


    5) What shape is the dungeon of the Citadel of Saint-Tropez?

    Answer: A hexagon


    6) The medieval quadrivium consisted of four subjects. Do you remember which ones?

    Answer: Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy


    7) In which monument of Perugia can you find a circle inscribed into a square?

    Answer: Porta Marzia


    8) What is the capital city of Slovenia?

    Answer: Ljubljana


    9) What is the name of the famous bridge in Ljubljana that you saw in the video?

    Answer: Dragon bridge


    10) How many years is the Romanian school celebrating in May 2017?

    Answer: 131


    11) How many schools are there in Beiuş?

    Answer: 4


    12) Which county has as chief town Oradea?

    Answer: Bihor


    13) Which Math concepts are present in Neolitic painted pottery from Macedonia?

    Answer: Symmetry


    14) Select the Neolitic vessel from Macedonia

    Answer: C option


    15) The sculpture cost was 210 000 DKK. The Carlsberg Fund paid 28.57% of it, which is:

    Answer: 59 997 DKK


    16) On top of the tower, there is a prism measuring 6m x 6m x 4m . What’s its volume?

    Answer: 144 m3


    17) Who is the first female international chess champion in Turkey?

    Answer: Nilüfer ÇINAR ÇORLULU


    18) Which of the following was not the purpose of the trip to the Natural History Museum?

    Answer: To study mathematicians' lifes


    19) Which were the most renowened Amphoras and for what reason?

    Answer: Panathenaic - Award of Panathenaic Games


    20) What was the compass used for?

    Answer: To put women cosmetic and jewels


    21) Find x in the proportion

    Answer: 45


    22) What is the height of Cheops' pyramid?

    Answer: 153m


    23) How many Summer Olympic Games have the Slovak athletes worn this clothing so far?

    Answer: Two (London 2012, Rio 2016)


    24) How long did it take to finish the SNP Bridge (in Slovakia)?

    Answer: 5 years


    25) The old townhall of Regensburg (Ratisbona) was built in 1245. How old is it now?

    Answer: 772 years


    26) German Christmas market starts at the 27th November and ends 4 weeks + 5 days later, which is:

    Answer: 23rd of December


    27) What is the name of the geometric decoration in gothic window below?

    Answer: Quatrefoils


    28) What is the Reuleaux triangle based on?

    Answer: Equilateral triangle


    29) Where did the Croatian team amuse themselves the most?

    Answer: In Mozgaonica


    30) What was the name of a Faculty teacher that presented us Math in 80 pictures?

    Answer: Franka Miriam Brueckler