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    December 2016 :

    - About sports

    - About TV series

    February 2017 : New organization of our forums

    About the forums, we are not very satisfied about the way our pupils used them.
    In fact they only created new threads without answering the messages of others, so it becomes very difficult to read and to organize. So we'd like to organize the Twinspace forums in a new way.
    We are going to use mind mappings to know the main TV series and Sports our students are interested in.
    So we created two AnswerGarden surveys that our students can answer.

    Here is the way to process for your students if they want to participate in the surveys.
    First they connect the Twinspace forums. Then 2 forums appear:
    "Survey about your favourite TV series"
    "Survey about your favourite sports"
    For each survey, there is a message called "Survey rules".
    Students have to read all instructions, without creating new threads.

    So they first open the circled message :






    Then they read it and click the link "Survey about TV series".


    And now they have to answer the survey twice (they fill in succession in english the names of their 2 favourite TV series, completely and without spelling mistakes).
    They do the same for the other survey about sports.
    We are going to wait for several 2 weeks, and then we will discover the names of their favourite TV series and sports.
    After that, we will create some padlets to allow our students to express themselves about the chosen topics.
    Note that : All previous forums have been archived.

    March 2017 : Our forum topics

    - About sports: handball ; dance

    - About TV series :The Walking Dead ; The Simpsons

    Instructions for students:

    In the forums section, students will find some padlets and they will post their opinions on these padlets.