FYROM (Macedonia)

  • FYROM (Macedonia) : Our field trips


    Our field trip was two day excursion in Ohrid (http://www.exploringmacedonia.com/ohrid.nspx), one of the oldest human settlements in all of Europe with the Lake that is over three million years old. Here is our map


    We had a lot of fun and we learned and saw interesting and amazing things.

    And we found interesting math concepts in this wonderful city and it's architecture and history: geometric lines and shapes, symmetry ...

    We visited the Bay of Bones - Museum on Water (http://exarc.net/venues/museum-water-bay-bones-muzej-na-voda-zaliv-na-koskite-mk)  an exceptional archaeological complex, which is one of a kind in the region.

    We got very big inspiration for our math workshop and we want to tell you what we found out about math concepts and symetry of Neolitic painted pottery from Macedonia.

    Here is the video that we prepared:


    You can read more on http://www.archcalc.cnr.it/indice/PDF21/15_Naumov.pdf.

    Our questions are:

    1. Which math concepts is present in Neolitic painted pottery from Macedonia:

    a) proportion

    b) symetry

    c) similarities


    2. Recognize  the Neolithic vessel from Macedonia: