• ROMANIA : Our field trips

    Beiuș-first trip in our town, eTwinning project, CTIC Beius, ROMANIA

    Question no 1. How many years is our school celebrating in `May 2017

    Clue: It is a prime number made up of 3 figures, from two are identical. The triple of this number doesn`t get over 899 and the decimal figure represents the triple of the units figure. (You can find details at

    a) 199; b) 181; c) 131; d) 393

    Question no 2. How many schools are there in Beiuş?

    a) 1; b) 2; c) 3; d) 4

    Oradea-second trip, eTwinning project, CTIC Beius, ROMANIA

    Question no. 1. Which is the county that has as chief town Oradea? Choose the right option.

    a) Bihor; b) Alba; c) Cluj; d) Arad

    Question no 2. Ionela starts her journey from Beiuș to Oradea by bike having a steady of 12 km/hour. Mircea also starts his journey by bike from Oradea to Beius having a steady speed of 14 km/h but he is also having an hour stopover in Băile Felix Resort at 9 km from Oradea. The start time for both was at 9:00. What distance from Beiuș are going to meet those two bikers?

    (To solve this problem we will take into consideration a distance of about 64 km between Beiuș and Oradea)

    a) 26; b) 36; c) 32; d) 37

    Cluj-Napoca-third trip, eTwinning project, CTIC, Beius, ROMANIA

    Question no 1. What century does the history of the "Babes-Bolyai" University begin? (You have a clue at:

    a) XVIII century; b) XIX century; c) XX century; d) XVI century

    Question no 2. In the Botanical Garden "Alexandru Borza" of the "Babes-Bolyai" University from Cluj-Napoca, there is a flower-bed where there are about 90-100 flowers. A quarter of them are red, a third are white and the rest of them are yellow. How many flowers are there in each color? (

    a) R=30, W=40, Y=50; b) R=32, W=40, Y=24; c) R=40, W=32, Y=24; d) R=24, W=32, Y=40