Eratosthenes experiment

  • March 21st, 2017 : The Eratosthenes experiment

    How to measure the circumference of the Earth?


    Suscribe the experiment on

    and watch this video to have mathematical explanations !

    That's great ! Thanks to Gordana for this nice idea !



    21st March 2017 - by the way it is an International Day of Persons with Down Syndrome

                                                                              (that's why we have the picture with different socks)

    Weather ... excellent and sunny

    Latitude: 45.339537 / Longitude: 16.9727611

    Solar noon: 11.59 h (GMT+1)

    Stick length = 100cm / Stick's shadow length = 100cm --> angle = 45°

    Distance from the Equator = 5037.53km

    Circumference of the Earth = 40 300.24 km

    We have also cooperated with school from Wroclaw/Poland (teacher: Anna Bukiewicz-Szul) and here are their results:

    Latitude: 51.11 / Longitude: 17.013

    Stick length = 100cm / Stick's shadow length = 123.3 cm --> angle = 50.95°

    Distance between two schools: 642.63km

    Circumference of the Earth = 38 881.82 km


    Interesting: Spring is in the air ... there were many, many bees in the tree behind students :)


    FRANCE (March 21 st, 2017)

    The french students participated in this experiment too.

    We were very lucky : the sun appeared 10 minutes only before we started our measurements, and it disappeared 10 minutes after we finished !!!

    Here is a video about this adventure !