Instructions for our Big Contest

  • In each country, the students have to answer the quiz simultaneously, with their teacher.

    Instructions for teachers

    1st step: How to play kahoot:

    1. You need a classroom with a computer and a projector.
    2. Students must have a tablet, a smartphone or a computer

    (you can use the computers’ room at your school)

    2nd step: Teacher:

    1. You must check that our kahoot has already been shared with you
    2. On the web go to
    3. Sign in
    4. Select Classic
    5. Select our kahoot named: “The big Math World Contest”
    6. Wait for your students to join the kahoot (you see on your screen who has joined the contest)
    7. Be sure your students use their names, otherwise you will not be able to know who is in the first place

    3rd step: Students:

    1. Using a tablet, smartphone or computer, they must go to:
    2. They don’t need to sign up or download anything
    3. They must write the GAME PIN that they will see being projected
    4. They must write their NAME to be identified by the teacher
    5. After that they must wait for that everyone joined the game

    4th step: Teacher:

    1. When all students are in the game, select START button
    2. All students have a limited time to answer
    3. After each question, the teacher must select NEXT button
    4. After each score you must select NEXT button once again
    5. At the end, you will have a podium with the 3 best scores.

    Don’t forget to take a picture of it and upload it to our blog and twinspace.

    When all pictures'podiums will be uploaded, using the scores we will be able to see who was the best among all students from all the countries !!!

    This student must receive a special surprise mailed by each partner and of course a surprise from his own teacher

    Enjoy our Big Quiz !


    Deadline to answer the quiz

    & to publish your picture on the twinspace and on our collaborative blog :

    May 24th