7. Sho: The Easter Egg

  • Remember: "We all build the Internet. Let's make it a better place together."

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    Greetings friends. My name is Sho. Congratulations on getting all three keys! You have done an incredible job. All you need to do is find the Easter egg, but for this you will have to show that you have really learned to make good use of the Internet and social networks. Your task is to create an Internet machine in which you are going to put all your knowledge. A machine that is capable of transforming the bad things on the internet into positive and good things and for this you will have to apply everything you have learned. But you already know that we all build the Internet, so your machines won't work if you don't build them together. Your machine will have to be built with parts from all the participating schools, a collaborative machine that will allow you to create a much better Internet together. Let's build a better internet together.

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    Internet machines
    Creating the pieces for the Internet machines
    International Internet Day

    May 17th, we are going to make our machines work together with a big videoconference. The Easter Egg is very close now...

    Our Easter Egg