• Dramatizations

    Drama The Squirrel with a computer

    The kids of 4th grade of CEIP Las Cumbres (Móstoles) had a lot of fun recording this video.

    Mr. Hacker

    Story: "Mr Hacker" from Antonio Brusi School.
    Dramatization: Fitht Grade B CEIP Las Cumbres (Móstoles)

    Video Story - A message from the creatures in nature

    We hope you enjoy watching this puppet show retelling the story of "A message from the creatures in nature". 4th grade B CEIP Las Cumbres

    The boy and Fornite

    Story: "The boy and Fornite" from CEIP Santa Florentina.
    Dramatization: Fifth Grade A CEIP Las Cumbres (Móstoles)

    The imaginary friend

    Kids from CEIP La Gaviota do the dramatization from the book made by CEIP Las Cumbres 5A

    The lost money 6.A

    ZŠ Kamenice, the Czech republic
    6.A Jan, Daniel, Kristýna

    The lost money 6.B

    ZŠ Kamenice, the Czech republic
    6.B Veronika, Sabina, Matěj

    Stuart And Brawl Stars

    Drama by Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School 4/A / Turkey / Eda HASANOĞLU

    Drama: "Life in the farm"

    The students from 4ºB (CEIP Profesor Enrique Tierno) represent the story "The life in the farm". We hope you like it :)

    Story Password

    Students from Agrupamento de Muralhas do Minho

    Mother's advice

    Agrupamento Muralhas do Minho

    CEIP Guernica. San Fernando de Henares, Spain

    Story: "What happen to my eyes"

    Two Rabbits in a Virtual Reality

    A story by Pavel, Marek, Matouš and Costi from ZŠ Kamenice, Czechia performanced by primary pupils from La Villarina, Spain.

    The Cybercrook Computer

    From La Gaviota School


    Drama by Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School 3/A

    Leyla Küçükçoban/Mehmet Akif Ersoy İlkokulu 4/E

    STORY: ''The Scientist Imagınary''
    Voiceovers :
    Juan / Buğlem
    Virus/ Güldehan
    Bad Scientist / Ömer Faruk
    Omer Faruk and Yavuz Selim
    Narrators : Meryem and Ecrin Irmak

    Never talk to strangers

    From 5B Ceip hnos san Isidoro and Santa Florentina

    Millionaire girl

    5C CEIP Hnos San Isidoro y Santa Florentina.

    2nd grade Primary school Kobarid

    2 rabbits- looking at the dramatization made by CEIP LA VILLARINA

    Gaming Addiction

    This is the drama of the story "Gaming Addiction" from 4th grade Antoni Brusi School