5. Aech: The Jade Key

  • Remember: "Don't make the internet a dark place to stay, control the time you spend online and enjoy outdoor activities"

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    Greetings friends. My name is Aech and I'm going to be the one to help you get the jade key. For your next mission you will have to help the inhabitants of this virtual world to realize how important it is to control the time we spend online and how incredibly pleasant it is to enjoy activities in nature, sharing natural spaces and not just virtual ones. To do this, you must plant some trees in your schools and geolocate them to create, not only one more green space in which to play and do fun activities, but also to create a large virtual forest in our world, where the eTwinning inhabitats can disconnect from the Internet , shelter and enjoy other types of activities.
    You must name the trees of the other schools and dedicate time to their care and enjoyment.
    But you will not be alone, I will put at your disposal my iron giant, to help you take care of that great virtual forest. Although there is a small problem, I have not had time to assemble it, so I will send you the parts so that you can repair them and put them together. That way you will make it work again.

    Let's create an awseome forest! Ready eTwinner One?



    We are going to divide this task in 3 parts:

    1. We are going to plant some trees / plants in our school or neighbourhood.

    2. We are going to geolocate these plants or trees in GoogleMymaps. Share the pics of your trees in the Twinboard, that way the other schools can name your trees with beautiful and creative names.

    3. We need someone to help us. We need the help of an iron giant. It is going to be the caretaker of our virtual forest.

    You can join to this task in the subpage.

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