1.4. Expected Results and Evaluation

  • Our main objective is to work on the different curricular subjects through this work methodology, which will not only bring our students closer to reading and writing from a different point of view, with greater motivation, interest and experience, favoring their creativity and imagination and creating an awareness of respect and understanding for other cultures, but will also allow us to make them become more aware of the importance of making good use of the Internet and social networks, facing them with greater security.
    We will carry out different types of workshops and activities with which we intend that this improvement not only reach our students, but also allow us to offer families a greater awareness about its use and reinforce this work in class. We will try to have other members (experts or connoisseurs of the subject), so that we can deepen the objectives set and allow us to involve a greater number of agents within the educational community.

  • Evaluation


    You can see the initial and final evaluation, and their analysis in our page 13 or following this link: