4. Artemis: The Cooper Key

  • Remember: "Be responsible online and help other people learn more about the Net"

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    Greetings friends. My name is Artemis and I will be in charge of helping you discover where in this virtual world the first key is hidden.

    Anorak is a fan of books and stories, he loves to read anything that falls into his hands and one of his favorite places in the real world is the library. Once he tried to create a virtual library but the inhabitants of this world preferred to play video games than to read, so he abandoned the idea ... But I am sure that a key can be found there, although that library would have to be organized again ... do you help create it? We can start with the internet department and create stories on this topic, and we can even create audiobooks if you record with voice the texts of other colleagues from Europe. It can be incredible! And don't worry if you don't know how to write, surely you make some incredible drawings to accompany those stories.

    Let's create that library and find the Copper Key! Ready eTwinner One?

    You can create a pdf document with your histories and upload it in the "stories subpage". Select four or five in order other school can record them with voice. 

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