1.3. Schelude

  • We will develop this project over the next eight months, creating four specific moments for this, which will be complemented by other collaborative activities both for the International Day of Peace and Non-Violence, as well as for Book Day and other days proposed throughout the year. project development. The main collaborative activities will take place approximately every month and a half, allowing us to carry out other intermediates that allow each participating teacher to be complemented and deepened on the subject of safety and the proper use of the internet and social networks.

    FIRST ACTIVITY: Create avatars

    (Presentation, Forums, Initial Evaluation, Twinspace creation, Christmas exchange): OCTOBER-NOVEMBER

    SECOND ACTIVITY: Create a virtual audio library

    (Writtings, audios, illustrations): DECEMBER-JANUARY

    THIRD ACTIVITY: Plant some trees.

    (Plant trees, create the virtual forest): FEBRUARY-MARCH

    FOURTH ACTIVITY: Create e-Games.

    (Create and share e-Games): MARCH-APRIL

    FIFTH ACTIVITY: Create an Internet Machine.

    (Share pieces, build machines, share ideas about Internet): APRIL-MAY

    May 17th: Internet Day - Our machines begin to work with all the pieces shared