14. CEIP Las Cumbres. Sharing Activities

  • During the development of this project, the CEIP Las Cumbres teachers involved in it have been carrying out a formation project in the school related with eTwinning and the European projects. Therefore, everyone has worked and been directly involved in its development and implementation, working with our students in class and using the training hours of the formation to learning how to use this tool and sharing the work done with the rest of the European partners.

    We have related this project with our educational practice, trying to involve the activities in the school with the project. We have created a specify web page, we have count with the participation and support of our directive team, we have tried to involve not only parents but all the educative comunity like the town hall and its help with some specifics ativities... 

    That why we have created a specify page, to share our work related with this formation with all of you and for you to know us a little better:


    You can also see it in our webpage:



    Asthanga Yoga

    This month in Physical education, the pupils have been practising Asthanga Yoga.
    They have done it very well and had a great time.

    International Day of People with Disabilities

    We have celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities at the CEIP Las Cumbres.

    Here we show you the butterflies the fourth graders did with positive words and positive sentences.

    Christmas cross

    Hi everyone, last week we celebrated the Christmas cross, our 3rd grade girls got very good results! Even some medals!

    Christmas cross

    Hi friends,
    Last week we did a Christmas cross and we had a great time!!!

    Peace Day!

    Last week we celebrated a run for the peace! The whole school! We were colaborating with Save the Children which is an ONG that protects and helps children rights!

    Peace day

    Hi guys!
    Last Friday we celebrated the "day of peace". Every year we collaborate with an ONG, Save the Children, and we run a race to collect money for children who need it most.
    We had a great time!!!


    This is how we celebrated Peace Day at CEIP Las Cumbres last 28th January. They had a lot of fun participating in a race to raise money for Save the Children NGO, as well as in some workshops about Peace.

    Peace Day in the CEIP Las Cumbres (Móstoles)

    We had a lot of fun doing different activities related to the peace.
    We loved the "Solidary Race". In this race all the kids run and they can bring money for otrer children that need it.

    Creating together our Forest Keeper
    Building our Internet Machine
    Our collaborative Forest Keepr
    Receiving packets with surprises

    We have received a lot of packets this year: with amazing Christmas, with wonderful pieces...

    Adding Pieces to our internet Machine
    World Book Day

    We have celebrated the World Book Day at CEIP Las Cumbres doing a lot of activities. Fourth graders had a lot of fun, specially creating collaborative stories in groups and reading them to their partners. Happy World Book Day!

    Evaluating the project
    School Garden 4th graders A

    At our school we have a small garden. Fourth graders have been tending to the garden. They had to remove the bad weed. In addition they had to help planting lettuces.

    Disability sensitivity days at the CEIP Las Cumbres

    We have been celebrating Disability Sensitivity Days at the CEIP Las Cumbres (Móstoles, Spain). Fourth graders learn a lot of things related to disabilities. At the same time they had a lot of fun playing to adapted games.

    World Book Day

    This is how we celebrated World Book Day last 23rd April at CEIP Las Cumbres in fourth grade. Students acted out some traditional tales and had a lot of fun!

    World Book Day Fourth grade

    This is how our Bookflix looked like after our fourth grade students made their own favourite books recommendations.
    They loved the idea!

    CEIP Las Cumbres 4th grade Gardening

    Our fourth grade students have participated in gardening activities such as planting, watering and preparing the land. They made a great effort to take care of our school garden.

    The Easter Egg
    Destroying bad Internet habits

    Fourth graders have been using our Internet Machine. They put a bad Internet habit into the machine and the machine destroyed it. Afterwards, the machine gave them a special reward.