3. Percival: Creating our avatars

  • Remember: "Never use your real name or personal information on the internet. It is better to create an avatar with which to surf the internet"

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    Hello, my name is Percival and I am one of the avatars living in the virtual world of eTwinning. Now that you are going to spend some time here, the safest thing is that you will never tell anyone your real name, you never know who may be on the other side. That is why I propose a first mission, that you create an avatar to move around the Internet. You can make a drawing or use any tool you like and you can come up with a cool name for it. If you feel like it, you can also invent a personality, highlighting everything that you are good at and creating a kind of superhero with those powers that make you so special. I will accompany you through this new adventure and both I and my friends will help you get the three keys to get the Easter egg. Are you ready eTwinners one?

    You can create your own subpage here, with the name of your school, to introduce you and share with us your avatars. You are free to create a book with them, a video, a padlet or whatever you want to introduce your school and the avatars of the students. 

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  • Creating Avatars pages

    3.0 Teachers department

    Do you want to know our teachers involved in this project? Shhhhh, take a look here ;)

    CEIP Las Cumbres


    Primary School Kovarid


    CEIP La Villarina


    Agrupamento de Escolas Muralhas do Minho


    CEIP La Gaviota


    ZS Kamenice

    The Czech republic

    CEIP Guernica, San Fernando de Henares




    Antoni Brusi School (Barcelona)


    3rd primary school of Thessaloniki


    CEIP Santa Fiorentina


    Seda IŞIK NURANİ/Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School 3-A


    CEIP Profesor Enrique Tierno


    Eda Hasaanoğlu/Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School/ 4-A / Turkey


    Leyla Küçükçoban /Mehmet Akif Ersoy İlkokulu/4-E