• Here he is!!

    Francesco is a lively and nice boy: everyone wants to be his friend !

    He is happy and likeable, but sometimes he's a bit sad because he misses his parents who are living far away from him in this moment of his life.  

    He has got dark brown hair, brown eyes and big and soft cheeks. He's not so much tall and he has to be really active if he wants to be slim because he loves eating :)) 


    Here his video!!

    By Luigi Perrotta - voice of Luigi Perrotta :))


    This is his Italian Identity Card:


    You can read he was born and lives in Cosenza, his big soft cheeks are his particular sign, the C is his mark ;)



    Here you can see his room: it's his world!! 












    You can see his drums, the comics on the door, posters of Italian footballers on the walls, a scarf of Cosenza Football team (its players are said "Lupi" which means wolves), a photo of him with his parents, few books and... his friends Gino and Denise: they are the Ice Cream Band!!