Dear diary,

    On Saturday afternoon, I went to the cinema with my friends. We watched “Deadpool” and we loved it!!

    On Sunday morning, I played a football match with my team: Real Racing Club de Santander. We won!!

    After that, I went to my grandparents’ house to eat. In the afternoon, I played videogames with my brother, Antonio. In the evening, I had dinner at Lola’s restaurant. I LOVE HER PARENTS’ FOOD!!

    By Carmen Gutiérrez.


    Dear diary,

    Yesterday after school, I had lunch at the shopping centre with my family and then we went to visit the Natural park of Cabárceno in the afternoon. Of all the animals I saw, my favourite animal was the tiger!!

    Then, we went to buy a video game, “The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask” for David’s birthday this weekend.

    After that, we went back home, we had dinner and I watched my favourite TV programme: “El Hormiguero”. Two of the hosts are puppets. Can you believe it?

    By Diego, Cris, Alba and Christian.



    Dear diary,

    Yesterday, I got up at 7 o’clock because I had to go to school. In the P.E. class, we went to the swimming pool and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t eat in the park because it started raining.

    At half past two I went home and I ate my “tortilla” (Spanish omelette”) sandwich with my mum, because my father was working. This is one of the national dishes in Spain. I love my mum’s “tortilla”!!

    In the afternoon, I studied Maths because I had an exam today. I think I will get a good mark.

    By Diego, Cris, Alba and Christian.



    Dear diary,

    Today was very sunny. I went to the beach with my parents and my friends. Later, we went to a skate-park in Loredo and we practiced a lot.

    Then, we had lunch at the beach and then we bought an ice- cream at “Regma” (the most famous ice creams in Cantabria). I had a chocolate one!!

    After that, I went home and played cards with my siblings. The name of the game is “Uno”; it’s very popular here!

    We went to Lola’s restaurant for dinner and I had a huge burger!!

    Then, we went home and we saw a film: “Fast and Furious7 “. I love cars!!

    By Eva, Leyre, Andrea D. and Simona.



    Dear diary,

    I had a normal day. I went to school and took an exam. After the exam, we made a science experiment and it was very funny.

    In the afternoon, I went to my German lessons with Johann, a German teacher from Berlin who lives here in El Astillero.

    After English, I met my trainer, Luis, and my friends in the park. We ran 5 km and then we played a football match with another team from El Astillero.

    Then, I went home, I had spinach for dinner. I hate vegetables!! And I went to bed early because I was exhausted.

    By Erik G., Óscar, Elena and Danna.


    Dear diary,

    Hi again!! Today is Saturday and I don’t have to go to school, so I got up late.

    For lunch, I ate a burger with my friend David at the shopping centre and I gave him his birthday present: “The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask”. Later, I bought the new Real Madrid t-shirt, my favourite football team after Racing of Santander, of course!! I didn’t have any clothes of this team.

    Then, we went home and played with David’s new videogame until dinner.

    By Erik G., Óscar, Elena and Danna.


    PORTUGAL, Monday, 18th April


    Hoy voy hablar de mi primero dia en Portugal. Uau!! Aqui es muy maravilhoso, la escoela e las chicas son muy guapas, los chicos son muy feos! Ahaha, soy un mintiroso, los chicos tambien son guapos pero las chicas son más! :D

    Ahora, en Ingles!...

    I finally arrived in Portugal last night! I was so tired that I went straight to bed!... I met my hosts this morning! It was brilliant, because they were all really excited to meet me when I went to their classroom! David is soooo nice! He talked to me a lot and introduced me to the rest of the Portuguese class!

    Everybody was super cool, and they all enjoyed the little things I brought from Astillero!

    Today I stayed at the English teacher's home, but I'm going to stay with lots of friends from the class during my stay here in Portugal.

    Bien, la profe es simpática e divertida... me gusta mucho! 

    Anyway, I met Miguel, the son of the English teacher. He's older than us, but he was very nice and let me play playstation with him! We also watched TV before and after dinner. I tried Portuguese soup! I'm not crazy about soup, as you know, but it was ok!

    Well, that's all for now! :)


    (Mariana Rocha & the English teacher)


    Tuesday, 19th April

    Hello, dear Diary!

    How are you? I am absolutely fine! I miss my siblings, but I'm fine here. I started the day with a good breakfast - my host, the English teacher, asked me what I wanted, but I didn't know... So she suggested I had the same thing as her, and so I did! We had Typhoo black tea - it's really strong and wakes you up immediately! I liked it a lot! We also had bread with butter and strawberry jam! That was it.

    Then we went to school and had lessons all morning. Tomorrow I'm going to stay with someone else! I'm very curious about everything! Let's wait and see!...

    Sweet dreams! :) 

    (the English teacher)

    Thursday, 21st April

    Olá Diário!

    Hoy voy a durmir en la casa de una aluna que se chama Lucy e voy a durmir en muchas más! :D Ah, me lembre ahora que tambien fui a un teatro en outra escuela, adore! No, ame! Me gusto demasiado. Me encanta estar en Portugal!

    Here are some pictures of the theatre:

    (Mariana Rocha)


    Espinho, Monday 25th April

    Dear Diary,

    Today is an important national holiday in Portugal - it's Revolution Day! But the best thing is that we got to do different things! Well, we started yesterday, really! Yesterday I was at the beach with my friend, Luciana. She is 13 years old and she lives in Espinho. I ate lunch with her and with her family. Her mother cooks really well! After lunch we all went to the beach and I had a lot of fun! I took some pictures of Luciana’s dad running by the sea.

    And today we went to a museum called “Buzzhalden”. There was a giant Budda there!!!

    Luciana’s best friend went too! We had great fun! :)

    This experience is being fantastic! I love it and I hope I can do it again!

    See you later! ;)


    Thursday, 5th May 2016

    Dear diary,

    Today I am with Nádia - she is very funny and friendly.

    She brought me and David home after school yesterday. We walked home.

    When we arrived me and David had orange juice and then we played. The problem was that I got hurt! Nádia was really sweet and looked after me very well.

    Today I spoke to my Portuguese girlfriend on the phone and took selfies with David! We took a million selfies!!!

    Tomorrow we are going to spend all day at school – there is an Open Day called “Rumos” and then we are going to another friend’s house! This is really exciting!!!

    See you! :)

                                                                                (Nádia & Bruna)  

    Friday, 6th May

    Dear diary,

    Today was an Open Day at the PT school – it’s called “Rumos” - it means "routes or paths"! There were a lot of different activities, and we visited lots of ateliers – Arts, science, chemistry, robotics, music and loads more. The school looked really nice and there were a few visitors. The kids from primary school came to see what was going on! They're so little and so cute!!! 

    In the foreign languages room I met the Spanish teacher and took lots of pics! There was a funny French Tap-tap in the room!

    There were also sporty activities in the gym, dancing, theatre and all! It was fun! :) We took lots of photos. Have a look at them!

    (written in class)

    Espinho, May 14th and 15th

    Dear Diary,

    Yesterday I came to Helena’s home.

    In the morning I watched TV with her. In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool. We swam a lot!

    At night her mum made us dinner. It was fab! :)

    Then we went to read a book. Today we walked a lot and we took loads of crazy pictures!

    It was very entertaining to be with Helena in her home!

    (Helena Barros)        

    Wednesday 18th May

    Hi, dear Diary!

    This week was top!! I was at another student’s home – her name is Mariana -   and she plays the guitar! Great! :) I learnt to play a bit! It was top, TOP! 😊👌✌ I wish to could be with her for longer, but the little time I had with her was worth it!  It was way cool, and when I get back to Spain, I want to continue learning to play the guitar! 😘😋

    (Mariana Rocha)

    May 30th 2016

    My dear diary, 

    Let me tell you what happened with my last host in Portugal. I met a boy and his name is Pedro and I spent a weekend I won't soon forget. Before we went home we went past a few places in the town where he lives. When we got home I went to meet his family, which was very affectionate and they put me right at ease. I visited the House from top to bottom, from the inside out and I loved it. Especially the garden.

    The day was short for so many new things and soon it was time for bed.

    We woke up, had breakfast and spent much of the morning playing in the garden along with their dog Lady, that is very playful and she didn't give us any rest! It was pure fun. After lunch we were playing PS4, watching the books he was reading, riding a bike and much more.

    It was so much fun that I didn't want the day to be over, but it's over.

    These were my best days in Portugal.

    Thanks for the conviviality!

    (Pedro Lopes)

    The following day I met all the guys for the last time before I set off to the airport. I met a real bookwriter! And this is our last group photo.