Dear diary,

    Today Saturday, I’m very happy because we are going to have castings to choose a singer for our group. Our group’s name is “Spanish Lola”. There are a lot of interesting people coming.

    Hello again!!

    We liked a lot one girl called Malú. She sings very well. Finally, we have a singer!!!

    In the evening, my friends and I had a pijama party to celebrate. We ate a lot of unhealthy but delicious food, and we saw the film “Ocho apellidos catalanes”, a famous comedy right now in Spain. Then, we went for a walk. We had a really good time!!

    By Lara, Carmen, Laura, Raquel and Valentín.


    Dear diary,

    Yesterday, my class went to Santander by train to “El Mercado de la Esperanza”, a famous fish, meat and vegetables market in the centre of Santander.

    We tried the food the cooks prepared for us during the workshop. I ate fish and for dessert a fruit brochette.

    They showed us to see the difference between white and blue fish. I loved this activity! It was funny, interesting and everything was yummy!!

    In the afternoon, I met my Friends in Astillero’s park.

    By Paula, Alex, Aroa and Pablo.


    Dear diary,

    Today I have been in a popular park in Santander: “Las Llamas”. In this park, I’ve seen a lot of ducks and birds; and a lot of people walking and practising different sports.

    I’ve eaten meat and chips, and cake for dessert because it’s Diego’s birthday.

    In the afternoon, I have been to the Magdalena’s beach with Ania, my Polish friend. We have gone for a walk and before going back home we have bought Regma’s ice-creams. The most famous ice-creams in Santander!!!

    By Andrea T., Natalia, Eric P. and Javier.



    Dear diary,

    Today I’ve visited my grandparents in their village.

    After lunch, I’ve ridden my horse, his name is Hazelnut. I’ve also played with my siblings and my cousins in the garden.

    My cousin Pedro has fallen from a tree and my uncle has taken him to the hospital. He got 5 stiches on his leg and some bruises. He is better now.

    By Andrea T., Natalia, Eric P. and Javier.


    Dear diary,

    I’m so happy…. Next Sunday we are playing at my parents’ restaurant!!! We will play songs from other singers: Justin Bieber, for example.

    We have practised a lot in the last weeks; we are sooo excited!!!

    After that, we are going to eat my parents’ famous pizzas to celebrate it. And then, we are all going to my house to have a party. It will be great!!!

    By Paula, Alex, Aroa and Pablo.