Dear Diary,

    today I've decided to write you... you are my parents'  Christmas gift and now I think it's good to use you. I look at your white pages and I think it's finally time to put on them ink and words !

     I introduce myself: my name is Francesco, but my friends call me "Ciccio". I'm 13 years old. I have a big dream: to become a popular footballer… Or a popular musician .... I live in Cosenza with my grandparents, because my parents have lived in another Italian city for 3 years because they work there. I miss them so much!! Nobody knows how much!! In my room I have a photograph that we took last summer, so even if they are not here with, I always feel them close to me. They often come back here to see me, especially during the holidays. I’m growing up with my grandparents, I consider them as my second parents, I love them so much!

    My grandmother’s name is Rosa, she is known around the neighborhood as "Nonna Rosa: the old good woman who cooks for all”, even for cats and stray dogs! I love to eat her lasagna, or the pasta with meat balls, the " 'mbacchiuse" potatoes, the baked aubergines with cheese, or her "gnocchi" with tomato sauce ... OK, I'm pretty much dreaming, I'm getting hungry! However, it must be said that my grandmother is a great cook!! SUPER!

    My grandfather is Pasquale, spends most of his time locked in the small garage behind our house, where there are lots of things: old broken bicycles, rusty, vintage cars pieces (..or rather prehistoric ...), all kinds of tools, light bulbs ... to sum up, there’s everything, most of all useless things closed in dusty boxes since… who knows? I would not be surprised to see some small spiders in our garage, there's so much stuff that it is impossible to clean it up! But sometimes I help him to tidy it up.

    Another my passion is comics. I read comics every day, most of all in the evening when I go to bed. Even though I‘m 13, so I'm a bit old, I love them. In fact I put on the door of my room many pages of my favourite comics: Mickey Mouse!

    Now I have to go, because my best friend Gino is coming here and I know that my grandmother will prepare for us a slice of bread with Nutella, delicious!!

    A big kiss, see you tomorrow.



      This is the card I wrote for my grandparents last Grandparents Day 




    This is my favourite food: I love my special cook, my Super Grandma!                       My favourite snack! Delicious!          


                                                  My favourite comics                                                       My Grandparents' garage, just yesterday we put things in order


    I love soccer, I'm a supporter of Cosenza football Team: Forza Lupi!!                              Music is always in my life!!!



    Dear Diary,

    I’ve great news!! My parents will come back to Cosenza for Carnival, I’m looking forward to seeing them again !!!

    My grandmother will prepare the “chiacchiere” (chatter), a typical fried sweet for this celebration, and I’m going to dress up and go around on Corso Mazzini with my friends, joking and looking at parades and at people wearing so many coloured and fantastic costumes, I like the crazy Carnival!! I'd love to wear a Zorro costume! It's my favorite character since I was 6 years old!

    And even if I and my friends are a bit old for these things, we still have fun and want to enjoy the Carnival. Tomorrow I will buy the costume of Zorro, Gino, my best friend, will come with me, he wants to dress up as Superman !! Now I must leave you, your I have to finish my English homework,

    Till next, Ciccio


                                                                                                                    LOOKING FORWARD TO!!


    Dear Diary,

    Just back from the store, Gino and I have bought the costumes, they perfectly fit us! The Carnival day is getting closer and I can not wait to see my parents.

    Now I ‘m going to play with Gino and after to rehearse with him our songs. Have I told you Gino plays the guitar? He’s so good!







    Dear Diary,

    Yesterday came my parents finally! I went with them and with my grandmother to Corso Mazzini: we went out for a walk and spent happy time together. Gino and Matteo joined us and stayed with me for a while. 

    My grandmother prepared a good lunch: mmmmm, I love her cuisine! Then, we ate the chatters and in the afternoon we rested a bit . In the evening my uncles came to visit us. I’m sorry that my parents will go away on 10… It’s beautiful to stay all together.

    Now I go in their bed, so I’ll stay with them for a little while yet.

    See you soon, Ciccio                                                   




    Dear Diary,

    Today I want to talk you about my passion for music, my favorite musical instruments are drums and I’ve played drums since I was 5 years old. It would be great to become a great drummer and go on tour with my band… dreams! My parents aren’t with me anymore and I ‘m a bit sad for this, Music helps me a lot to feel better.

    Gino and I are looking for a singer, we want to be a band! We were thinking of Gabriele, but maybe it’s better to choose a woman’s voice. Gino and I met a nice girl at a birthday party some days ago, she's a dancer but she also has a beautiful voice. We’re thinking to ask her if she wants to join us. The name that we would like to give the band is " Ice -cream '. I had this idea of creating a band at school:  all secondary schools in Cosenza will take part in a contest for bands and I’d like to partIcipate! 

    Now I’ve to go. See you tomorrow


           Gino and I like a lot playing together!       


    Dear Diary,

    We finally settled on Denise as a singer, we are rehearsing in my room in these days. My grandparents are very patient, they allow me to play at home but sometimes our neighbours complain about this…. Maybe it’s better if I tidy our garage, so we can play there without any problem.

    I’ll let you know.

    Bye, Ciccio



    Dear diary,

    these days are so exciting!  I've not so much time to write you, sorry!

    A week ago Mara, a Portuguese girl, arrived in Cosenza and I'm hosting her (you know, my school is involved in an student exchange program). 

    My grandparents are happy to have a girl at home and I'm really glad she is here because she's very very nice! She's lively and friendly, also Denise likes her! They have some things in common. Maybe this is the reason I get along with her! All of us in my class are very happy she is here. 

    Girls are already her friends and they often stay together. 

    Elisa has tried to teach her to skate! 

    In these days in Cosenza, at the Children's town

    (the large area with 4 blocks and a lot of open air space where kids can do lots of activities), there's the "B- book festival", an event about books and writers and my class has participated.  As you know I'm not so interested in this stuff, but Mara was enthusiastic

    We seated on carpets and little colored chairs in a red room with a big tree and big windows and we met a writer. To be honest, I was a bit bored while he told us about the creation of his book and answered to our questions, better 

    to my classmates' questions... 

    My body was there but my mind was thinking bout the football match I'll have in a few days...The most beautiful part of the morning was when we moved out for a snack. Mara and I hopped on the park swings, it was so funny! Afterwards we explored a bit' the park, Mara has been impressed by the old locomotive located at the entrance of Children's Town, and

    the amazing graffiti on the walls: in this place there's a super street art! 

    Now I've to go, my grandma has made a delicious pie, but... to tell the truth I think Mara is the most delicious thing of my life in this days... Bye





    Dear diary, 

    This morning my class has gone to the cinema to watch a docu film about Malala Yousafzai, Mara liked it very much and ate lots of pop corn and chips with us. She's really lovely! 

    In the afternoon we had our final football match: our class is the winner of the school competition

         Mara has been a fantastic supporter (but I missed a bit Denise, she's in PL).

    After, all the boys of my class and I have brought her around the city: she had fun with us and took lots of photos like a model! :))





    Dear Diary,

    today has been a great day for Mara and me! 

    There was the end-school-year concert of my school orchestra!!

    I played the drums and I was very excited: Mara was listening to our music, most of all to me!! 

    We played the "Italian anthem", "The endertainer", the "Sinfonia per un addio", "Life is beautiful" (my favorite!), "Cinema Paradiso", "An die freude" and "Rocky".

    I can say we played really good! 

    The concert started at 19:00, there were so many people! The audience was fantastic and clapped us a lot. Mara has said to me she's proud of me...I'm blushing... 

    My dear diary, I can say this only to you: I like Mara so much!! <3  <3

    Till next, Ciccio