PT - IT Mara's Diary



    Espinho, 30th January 2016

    Dear Diary!

    Today is a great day! Do you know why? Because today I’m going to begin to write on your pages! I am very, very happy!

    My name in Mara and I’m 12 years old. I’m not very tall, just 1,50 metres, but that’s ok! My dad lives in Brazil. I go there sometimes.

    From today on, I will write about my life here. I’m really happy, because I love writing!

    See you! :D


    Monday, 15th February

    Dear Diary,

    Today was not a good day! :( 

    First, my mum had a problem with her car and I arrived late at school. So my day started really badly!...

    At lunchtime all my friends came to ask me about my delay. I had to tell everyone the truth. Nervously, I said:

    "I had to push my mum's car!"

    Everyone laughed... :(

    Finally, the bell rang and we went to the classroom. We had a Live Event arranged with our Italian, Polish and Spanish friends, but there was no Internet connection and so, we couldn't see or talk to each other!...

    After finishing the lessons, my mum picked me up and took me to my basketball training session. Basketball was the best thing of my day! That and having a lovely bar of my favourite chocolate after the training session! ;)

    When I got back home I did my homework, had dinner, and went to bed... WHAT A DAY!!! :(

    (Pedro Lopes)


    Monday, 14th March

    Dear Diary,

    Today we had a school trip! YEEEES! :D

    We had to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning in order to be at school at half past seven.

    We caught the bus at 7.30 and then we travelled to Belmonte. When the bus finally stopped, we ran out of it! Belmonte is colder than Espinho. It's very close to the highest mountain in Portugal (in the mainland).

    The next step was to go visit the Jewish Museum. It had many rooms and lots of information about the history of the Jews in Portugal. It was nice and interesting to go there! :)

    Then we went to the synagogue and the boys had to put a small hat on their heads!!! The girls and I laughed a lot!!! :D

    Lunchtime was next! Everybody took a picnic lunch, and after that my friends and I went to a supermarket and bought some ice-cream. I bought one for David, obviously! :P

    Then we got on the bus again and it drove us to the next stop: Serra da Estrela!

    When we got to the top, everyone ran to the snow and started having snow-ball fights, making snowmen and sliding downs the mountain on plastic sleds!


    It was the best day ever!!! :D

    Sweet dreams, my lovely Diary! <3

    (Bruna Leandro)

    25th March 2016

    Dear Diary!

    It's Easter, my favourite festivity of all! You konw why, don't you??

    CHOCOLATE!!! :D I loooooooove it!

    I made an Easter Card for my friends! It's me and David!!! It's really funny, don't you think?

    See Ya! <3

    Friday 8th April

    Dear Diary,

    Today I said goodbye to my friends, because I'm going to Italy. 

    I'm very happy, because I'll travel, but on the other hand I am also a bit sad, because I will miss my friends.

    They threw a farewell party! It was very entertaining! My cousin David gave me a huge hug. He's going to host Manu, our Spanish friend.

    We wrote a card to the Italian team I'm going to stay with! We all signed it! 

    Well, don't worry about me! I know I'll be fine!

    I really love my friends... <3

    See you soon, everybody!

    (Helena Barros, Ana Beatriz Martinho, Margarida Sousa)


    I'M  IN  ITALY!!


                                                                                                              Cosenza, 16th April 2016

    Dear Diary,

    yesterday was my first day in Italy, it has been fantastic! 

    Ciccio's grandparents are caring with me and he and his classmates are very welcoming :-)

    I also met the teachers and Denise, a dear friend of Ciccio, she's going to leave to Poland. This morning we went all together to the Children's Town for attending the "B-book festival", an interesting event about books, we met some writers and talked with them. I noticed that Ciccio was a bit bored, he's not interested in these things... but he's so nice and funny!  

    A big kiss, Mara.


    Above: I've just arrived at school and met my new friends /// B-Book Festival at Children's Town



        The etwinning corner with my Portuguese gifts for my friends // Denise, Ciccio and me // Caterina and me: she's so sweet! 


                                                                                                           21th April 2016

    My dear diary,

    today I was at home of my new Italian friend, Elisa, she's fantastic! We listened to music, danced, tried her clothes on...After lunch Elisa took me in the courtyard of his palace and made me wear her kates. She is a very good skater.

    Then we ate a delicious slice of chocolate cake prepared by her mother. It was a great day full of joy and relax. 

    Now I must leave! Till next!

         Giorgia, Giulia and Elisa: some of my Italian friends!! I've also played with videogames: what a fun!!  Ciccio arrived and brought the meat balls-bomb made by his grandma, slurp!!      

               CALABRIAN MEAT BALLS!! Tasty :))


    26th April 2016

    Dear Diary,

    today I went to the dance school of my Italian mate Arianna, a very sweet and nice girl who loves dancing like me :)) I enjoyed a lot this day with her even though I am tired now. We made a lot of pictures together also with his dance teacher! 

    All my new Italian friends are nice and I'm happy to be here in Cosenza, it's a beautiful place. Now I'm at Ciccio's home. My friend, guess... I like him every day more... I'm blushing a little...  

    Now I go to bed, I'm exhausted.

    Your MARA


    Wow!! I did some exercises at bar with Arianna. She is so good at dancing! I also tried to dance on point...  a bit difficult but I liked it!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              5th May 2016

    Dear Diary,

    what a great day! In the morning we went to the cinema to watch the docufilm about Malala, I liked it a lot! In the afternoon, I went out with my Italians male mates around the city. Cosenza has an ancient part, it's very picturesque. I saw the Norman castle, the Medieval Cathedral, the narrow streets, the Rendano theater. I also admired the wonderful view of the city from its hills. Wow! The Old Town really struck me. Then we took a walk in the downtown and the shopping area, but for me the most interesting thing in Corso Mazzini (the main avenue) is the MAB, the open air museum: I liked a lot looking at the statues!! At last, we ate a delicious ice cream all together.

    I really enjoyed this time spent together my new male friends, they are really kind and outgoing! Listen: it seemed to me Ciccio was a bit jealous... ;))

    <3  See you , Mara


    at cinema // with Alessio on the emblem of Cosenza (you can see its 7 hills) in Mazzini Avenue // with Ciccio...and Ettore and Andromaca <3


                                                                                                        18th May 2016 

    I'm having the time of my life here!

    Of course I miss a bit my family and my Portuguese friends, but I'm growing fond of Ciccio and his grandpa and of all my new Italian friends that I know it will be hard to leave them next week...

    Today the school orchestra played in front of a big audience in a theatre of the city for the end school year concert! It was simply fantastic! 

    I think it's a great thing here in Italy kids can learn to play a musical instrument at school and they can play all togethere as a real orchestra. 

    I also tried to play the violin :-P  

    Ciccio played the drums, he was very good! I'll miss him... yes, I will. :'( 


    By Arianna Angiulli and Giorgia Adamo