Dear diary, 

    After a long long trip, I'm finally in Spain. I've finally met Lola. She is very nice and her family too.

    I've spent my first night at the teacher's house and I've met her cat. She almost bit me. I don't like cats :(

    The day after that, I went to Lola's school and met everybody. They are so nice!! There are some very handsome Spanish boys here :))

    They were celebrating the International Book Day, so I also participated.

    Dear diary, 

    Today I've celebrated Mother's day with Lola and her family. We have eaten paella and Spanish omelette. Everything was delicious!!

    After lunch, we went to Santander because it's very sunny, and we went for a walk around la Magdalena park and Palace. They also took their dog Sol. We had a great time and took lots of photos!!



    Dear diary,

    I'm having a great time in Spain!! My best friend here is Lola. She is amazing!!

    This country is very beautiful and it's been sunny and warm every day since I arrived. Yesterday we even went to the beach in Somo with Lola's friend, Carmen, and we walked to Loredo. In Loredo we ate strawberry ice-cream. Delicious!! In Loredo, we swam in the sea for a few minutes because the water is still cold. When we went out of the sea we came back to Somo and we played volleyball and took somo photos.

    I love Spanish beaches because there are a lot of waves and golden sand.

    In the evening, I met some of Lola's friends and we went for a walk in El Astillero.

    By Lara, Carmen, Laura, Valentín, Raquel (and Vanesa).

    Dear diary,

    I've spent the weekend with Lola and Lara, one of her classmates. We had breakfast at her home. She plays for the football regional team. She is the goalkeeper, and she's very good!! I went with them to a football match (Lara's team won!!). After the match, we spent the evening taking photos at her house.

    On Sunday, we had lunch at her house with her family (Lola was invited too). We had paella again, but this time with vegetables, not seafood. It was delicious!! I think it's my favourite Spanish food.