David's Diary

  • Espinho, 26th January 2016

    Dear Diary,

    My name is David Lopes. I'm 13 and I live in a small farm in Espinho.

    I get up at 7 a.m. every day and I have bread & butter and a glass of milk for breakfast. 

    I'm a vegetarian. I love cabbage! I also like rice, vegetarian pizza and hamburger, and Tsoureki.

    I really like to play volleyball.

    I have a twin sister called Sara. I also have a beautiful girlfriend called Barbara.

    Mara is my cousin and best friend. I sometimes meet her and we both walk her dog. I chat with her a lot via email.

    See you! :)

    (Mariana Ribas, Pedro Pinheiro)


    Espinho, 29th January 2016

    Hello again!

    Today was an amazing day, because today I met my friends at school. It was awesome! I saw my friends and teachers. I played volleyball and talked so much with them. Today makes 2 months since my dad bought me this diary. I still remember when I saw you, my diary, lying on the shelf at the store!

    Take care!

    (Pedro Pinheiro)

    Espinho, 8th February

    Dear Diary,

    It's Carnival break and I'm bored!... The weather is horrible and there's nothing to do, so I decided to draw my bedroom! Hope you like it! :)

    You're not gonna believe it, but I miss school... Can you imagine that???!! :P

    (drawn by Mariana Rocha)

    15th March 2016

    Dear Diary,

    The day is going very well today! I've been in bed all day surfing the Internet! Cool!!! When my mum called me for dinner, I didn't feel like leaving the warmth and comfort of my bed!... My mum was so sweet, that she allowed me to eat my favourite dish "Bacalhau à Espanhola", in my bedroom!

    Haha, absolutely fabulastic!!!!

    But she did say it was a "one off"!!! :P

    Well, gotta go! Byeeeee :)


    Espinho, March 27th

    Hello, dear Diary!

    Today was a very fun day - today was Easter! I loooove Easter! :D

    I ate an enormous, delicious chocolate egg, but what I liked most was eating out with my family.

    Easter was great fun!

    I'm tired now, so I'll go to bed and write some more later!

    See Ya! :)


    Monday, 18th April

    Dear Diary!

    Today Manu arrived from Spain! The minute he entered the classroom, there was happiness. He is very beautiful and funny. We took photos and he shook hands with everyone. Then we also had a look at all the things that our Spanish friends sent. They were really nice!

    I'm very happy to have Manu, but I'm also sad because I miss Mara!...

    Anyway, it was a brilliant day! :)


    PS.: I'm going to be really busy now, because I'm Manu's host! So, dear diary, I'm not going to write much at all in the next month or so! Please don't be sad, ok?

    Love you! :D

    (the class)