Video script - Mara and David's presentation

  • David: Hi! My name’s David!

    Mara: And my name’s Mara! We’re cousins!

    David: Yes, and best friends too!!!

    Mara: Yeah, right! We’re both 12 and we go to the same school! We’re in the same class…

    David: But I’m a better student, haha!

    Mara: Yeah, and? Never mind that! I’ve got one brother and one sister. We live with our mum, because my parents are divorced. Dad lives in Brazil. I looooove going there in summer! His house is amazing! I love playing with his dog and dancing Samba when I go there!!!

    David: Enough about you! Well, I’ve got a sister, actually we’re twins! We live on a farm with lots of animals. It’s great! I absolutely love animals! My girlfriend doesn’t like them very much. She says they smell…

    Mara: YOU smell, haha!!! My turn now! I’m keen on Sport – I play footie on Mondays and Wednesdays and basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hate Science! My favourite subject is Chemistry.

    David: It’s not just you! I like sport too! I play volleyball, remeber? That’s why I’m so elegante now!!!

    Mara: Oooh! Very elegant!... And you’re a vegetarian!

    David: Yes, I am! I love rice, cabbage, vegetarian pizza and hamburger and I’m really keen on Tsoureki – I bet you don’t know what that is!

    Mara: Well, actually I do! It’s a type of Greek bread! I love meat and chips and I also like fruit. I love all types of sweets, especially skittles, cupcakes and chocolate. I’m craaaazy about chocolate!

    David: You’re gonna get fat!!

    Mara: No I’m not! I do a lot of sport and I walk my dog, Alex, every day and in summer I swim for miles! I am NOT going to get fat!

    David: Ok, ok! What else can we say? Well, I get up at 7 every morning, I go to school and I help my parents look after the animals. I play volleyball, go out with my girlfriend and eat healthy food. I think that’s all! What about you, Mara?

    Mara: Well, as you know, I love going to the cinema at the shopping centre. I also like playing board games and hanging around with my mates. I always have lunch with my grandparents on Fridays and… What else? Oh, I want to be a pediatrician, because I love babies… like YOU!!! Hahaha!....

    David: Hahaha, very funny!!! Well, that’s all for now! Bye, bye!

    Mara: Byeeeeee!!!