• We would like to welcome you in Greece


    Athens is our capital


    and in Naousa Where our school is situated.

    Ekatontapiliani church in Paroikia

    Marble quarries in Marathi

    Famous sculptures made of Parian marble

    Venus and The victory of Samothraki



    Primary school of Naousa  is a state primary school with 250 pupils aged 6-12.



    Europe is changing quickly, with technological advances, increasing globalization, and widespread migration, creating both new opportunities and challenges. School systems play a key role in meeting this challenges by driving education forward and being at the forefront of change and innovation. We hope this Erasmus+ project will help us to advance education and training in Europe.
    Our project focused on environmental issues, but the goals went a bit further. We wanted students to gain knowledge about the natural environment and raise their interest in its protection, motivate them to learn foreign languages and improve their language skills,develop multilingual interests and attitudes by learning subject contents such as natural sciences or history through the medium of a foreign language. Also, the project expected students to appreciate the cultural diversity in Europe in order to enhance societal cohesion in future European societies. By using modern technologies throughout the learning process and project communication with partners, we expected to train students to become responsible ‘digital citizens’. International exchanges also aimed at increasing the interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills of the students.


    Browsing through this webpage you will find examples of the activities carried out by our students hroughout the 2-year project.

    Environmental education in our school we pay great attention to ecological and environmental issues. We organize different lectures about animals living in our country. Besides, we organize workshops for our pupils concerning animals and plants protection. For example, in handcrafts lessons, pupils constructed birdhouses. On the Earth day (22of April) we clean the beaches close to our school and plant trees.   At our school we teach children how to sort waste and we do recycling.



    Our Erasmus + project is called: Environment surrounding us a s a challenge and responsibility.

    On the web pages of the project and school web pages you will find all the information about all the activities we did in the last 2 years..

    On our eTwinning pages you will find information about the extra activities we managed to the during the project.



    Greek Herbaria and visit to an olive oil press



    We visited fabrica ,producing olive oil.

    We created our garden to plant flowers, vegatables and herbs.


    Click on the following image to download the presentation of our School Garden.

    Celebrating the Earth Day by making Landart in the school garden and yard

    We also planted trees to public areas close to our school, in cooperation with the Environmental Department of Paros Municipality

    Click on the following image to download the presentation of the celebration of the Earth day.

    Creation of Greeting Cards

    We created and exchanged Christmas & Greeting cards from recycling materials

    Click the picture below to watch the creation of our Greeting cards

    Food Customs - Mediterranean Diet

    Click the picture below to watch our presentation on Food Customs

    Cooking Traditional Greek recipes
    Clich the picture below to watch our presentation


    Spinning a Tale

    Students from Greece, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia wrote together a story, with each country adding its own contribution to the tale. Would you like to read it? Click the link below.


    Photo competition "Back to nature", Summer holidays


    Mobility to the Czech Republic

    In September 2017, a group of 4 students and 2 teachers visited the Czech Republic. You can find lots of pictures and detailed information about all activities we took part in.

    Planting the tree of Friendship

    Visiting Ochrana Fauny.