Who and Where we are ...? /Turkey

  • We are a public school .The school is situated in Karakeşli,in a suburb of Erdemli/Mersin, on the border of two important  provinces of Turkey , Antalya. Karakeşli  is a rural area with no industry where about  850 inhabitants  live. Our pupils are from 6 to 14 years old.There are 160 students and 16 teachers in our school . One of the goals of the school is inclusion.We have some mental and phsical disabled pupils and some pupils.We try to give them skills so they can participate equally in the lessons. Another goal is Model: We want to create a different educatioanal system (Move,organise,do,enjoy,learn). The child is learning  with enjoy by moving,organizing,doing . The third goal is that the school wants to be more international, the pupils shall learn how to use their knowledge and language skills by communication with other pupils from abroad. We want our pupils to understand Europe not only as a term, we want them to feel as a part of it.