The Earth Day

  • Every year on 22th April at our school we celebrate the Earth Day. We learn why it is important to protect our planet, we do different activities, among them, we go around our city and collect garbage, plant trees or different plants.

    Traditionally we finish at Skalka (famous hill in Mníšek) where we search for sweet hidden treasure and refresh ourselves with grilled sausages and soft drinks.

    Classes 1.C and 1.D

    We have collected eleven buckets full of stones, several buckets of plastic and glass waste, a large stack of branches, several bones, and a bottle of some tablets - we handed it to the appropriate places. At the same time, we promised not only that our school, but every part of the Earth where we are going to be kept in order ...


    Class 2.A

    In the Art lessons, we have decided to draw the Earth Day.The children decided to create three trees, one is a poster for this day, the other one portrays a dirty landscape with garbage, and a third tree represents the purity on our planet the way children would like it to.

    Class 6.A

    We have cleaned garbage in the area of the castle and around the ponds.