The Czech Republic

  • We would like to welcome you in

    the Czech Republic

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                           Flag                                               Coat of Arms                           Prague, the capital city


    and in

    Mníšek pod Brdy,

          where our school is sitauted.        


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                                      The Castle                                                           Baroque Area Skalka



    Výsledek obrázku pro zakladni skola mnisek pod brdySouvisející obrázek    Výsledek obrázku pro zakladni skola mnisek pod brdy hriste

                     Our school                                             Classroom                                                          School playground

    Výsledek obrázku pro zakladni skola mnisek pod brdy hriste

          School Logo                  

    Primary school Mníšek od Brdy is a state primary school with 800 pupils aged 6-14.

    We focus on language education and sport education. In the teaching process we put a large emphasis on foreign languages learning. For this reason, we have introduced the teaching of English language from the first grade. At the same time, we strengthened English conversation classes. Furthermore, we have introduced a compulsory second foreign language from the seventh grade. Concerning language education we participate in language competitions, we organize lessons with native speakers, we create different projects, and recently we have started with CLIL lessons at our school.We encourage and emphasize the importance of physical condition of students, too. In our opinion, the physical condition has a large impact on pupil well-being not only in the present, but also for the future. Therefore, we have increased the number of physical education lessons for the sixth and seventh grades. Besides, we focus on systematic work in the field of teachers’ professional and language education. For further development of the school we consider all these areas very important.

    Environmental education in our school we pay great attention to ecological and environmental issues. We organize different lectures about animals living in our country. Besides, we organize workshops for our pupils concerning animals and plants protection. For example, in handcrafts lessons, pupils constructed birdhouses. We have also participated in writing and drawing contest concerning old trees.  We are taking part in various environmental programmes, too. At our school we teach children how to sort waste and we have visited organization for waste sorting.

    Our Erasmus + project is called: Environment surrounding us a s a challenge and responsibility.

    On the web pages of the project and school web pages you will find all the information about all the activities we did.

    On our eTwinning pages you will find information about the extra activities we managed to the during the project.