Batteries kill quietly. Estonia


    On November the 24th, the battery collection competition started as part of the environmental year in Kiltsi Basic School. Every major store has special boxes for collecting batteries, but we often forget to take with us the used batteries when we go to the supermarket. Sometimes a useless battery gets into a completely unacceptable place - under a stove, in nature or into the household waste.

    To raise students' awareness of the dangers of batteries to wildlife, people and our environmet, we launched a competition to collect batteries.The announcement of the competition was preceded by the making of collection boxes from recyclable materials.

    Each class approached the task creatively and so in the 5th grade a frog-shaped box was completed, in the 3rd grade a box with beautiful nature pictures and in the 9th grade a completely red “battery compartment”. Many also included an explanatory text in the collection box as to why the batteries are dangerous. Year 5 slogan is: "Batteries kill quietly!"

    The best battery collectors will be selected by Christmas and the prizes will be presented on the last day of school before the holidays.

    A big thank you goes to our active students and the teacher Siret Stoltsen, with whose help the 1st to 3rd grade collection boxes were completed. Happy collecting!

  • Where do you put your empty batteries?
    Under the stove
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    In nature
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    Into household waste
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    In a special collection bin in the supermarket.
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