• Mar menor is the biggest salt lagoon that exists in Europe. What happened in October 2019 was triggered by the high levels of contamination going into the lagoon over decades, predominantly from intensive agriculture.

    For years, runoff water loaded with nitrates has entered the lagoon causing a vast bloom of algae which, as it died and began decomposing, decreased the amount of oxygen in the depths, creating a pocket of toxic anoxic -- or oxygen-free -- water that wiped out everything living there.   

    When a major storm hit in September 2019, it triggered a process that saw the anoxic layer rising to the surface, forcing fish and crustaceans to flee for their lives.

    Researchers say the problems caused by nutrient pollution will not be resolved overnight, and that, agricultural models must change to address it.  If not, this problem could happen within 50 years in the rest of the Mediterranean.

    Moreover, agriculture is not the only problem but there are some other reasons, such as unruly construction, for example.

    Our 5th and 6th graders have studied the problem, created powerpoints presentations and recorded a video using Chroma Key technique to present this local environmental problem.

    Some of their works are in English and other in Spanish.


    Mar Menor 5B 1. Spanish.pptx

    Mar Menor 5B 2. Spanish.pptx

    Mar Menor 5B 3. Spanish.pptx

    Mar Menor 5B 4. Spanish.pptx