• How to make compost?

    On the 3rd of November, the environmental specialist from Väike-Maarja municipality Leie Nõmmiste implemented a workshop for the students on how to sort waste and prepare compost. 370 kg of waste is generated per person in Estonia in a year. By sorting them correctly, we can keep our living environment much cleaner and save valuable raw materials. In connection with the Year of the Environment in our school and the project “Awareness is Power”, the knowledge gained was very necessary. 

    In order to consolidate the knowledge about garbage sorting, a pile of garbage was poured on the floor of the main hall, the students needed now to find the right "container" for each item. The biowaste was ‘composted’ the fastest.

    Thank you Leie!

    If you want to become a specialist in making the right compost, visit the composting website ( You can get especially good instructions from Emil Rutiku in the video at Both links are available in Estonian.

    In addition to that a few days later a family day was held at Kiltsi School where one of the workshop was created to introduce the project and its aims to the parents as well. During this the participants needed to guess the time of decomosition of variuous object. How long it will take for a banana to turn into soil verus how much time a aluminium can needs? The workshop was fun for the parents and younger pupils alike.