• Scoala Gimnaziala Pietroasa

    We are an educational body with legal personality, which consists of 4 schools. The main school is situated in the village of Pietroasa, which has students attending from the ages of 3 up to the ages of 15. There are about 110 students attending this school.

    We have a Biology lab, Science lab, a library, a PC lab and a projector for class work. The school was connected to the internet last year, up to that moment the village was mostly isolated, with no connection for mobile phones or internet.

    We come from an area that it is considered clean by economical standards, and we can add value to the project through the fact that we can provide an environment where pollution is reduced, at least some types of it. We do not have large factories or industry around, the people live by subsistence farming and the only bigger pollution of the area is water pollution. We want to learn how to keep the banks of the river clean and how to protect our area for the following generations. We are motivated to work on the topic of sustainability and ecology, because we can see that the climate change is a reality more and more present in our everyday lives. We know that only together we can show our future generation the way to preserve our planet, the only one that we have and we can call home.

    So far, we have had projects about waste reduction, early school drop out, anti bullying policies, biological food and cultural heritage. We are open for new subjects as well, as active citizenship, inclusion or even robotics. Our school supports international cooperation and using of non formal education in our school curriculum. We have participated in several local environmental projects.