• Kiltsi Põhikool

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    We are a small school with 74 students (from 7 to 16 years old). There are 14 teachers working at the school. We are located in the middle of Estonia, 35 km from Rakvere and 110 km from our capital, Tallinn. Near the school there is a Vao Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers. Children from this center who have different cultural backgrounds and languages start studying at our school. We are one of the pilot schools for new immigrants and child refugees.

    Our school is strong in art, handcraft, nature subjects and languages. We have a wonderful schoolhouse, which is situated in an old manor house. We are living in Pandivere Upland where it is easy to notice the damage agriculture is leaving to our environment, especially to our lakes and rivers which are growing in and have an unpleasant sent to them. There are fresh water springs near our schools, which are still clean though, and from there the villagers are taking water home since they believe it is better than the regular well water (groundwater).

    It is important to show the students the problems of our home and through that reach to global environmental problems as well. Students' minds have not yet been bent by major producers and it is in our hand to shape them to the a more sustainable path. Most of the school's teachers are invested in the project, eager in helping with the planning and afterwards as well participating.

    Kiltsi school has led many strategical and other long term projects in the past and has plenty of experience from the organizational side. Our teachers are all interested in environmental issues and eager to share their knowledge.The coordinator of the project has participated in various Erasmus+ training courses which many focused on global education, environment and non-formal education.