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    As all we know nature hides many secrets and treasures. It provides children with a lot of stimuli for discovery and broadening their knowledge of the world through the movement of artistic and musical expression.
    In the project, we will focus on improving children's ability to sensitively perceive the beauty of nature and its uniqueness, and on strengthening the relationship with nature. Through experiential learning and games, we will stimulate children's curiosity in discovering and exploring nature in the immediate vicinity. Children learn to discover nature through experiences, emotions, feelings, to display it by means of artistic expression. Justifying the expression of one's own behaviour and actions with regard to the formation of the foundations of environmental awareness and management.


    Gain new experience in direct contact with nature
    Raises children's awareness of the natural treasures of the small world in which they grow up
    Strengthens the link between children and nature
    Develops children's social skills
    Supports children's curiosity as a motivating factor for discovery, cognition, research, experimentation
    Experiences the joy of joint research and work on a given topic
    Encourages the independence and initiative of children in the educational process
    Develops creative thinking
    Gains awareness and knowledge in the field of the environment,
    Gains experience and basic skills in using simple ICT tools


    1. Introduction to partner schools - pupils, class and school
    2. Creating a space for cooperation - negotiating a workflow and division of tasks
    3. Organising the project as a set of monthly activities.
    4. Sharing of photos, videos of nature around the school with a focus for plants - medicinal plants, trees, shrubs, which children will get to know with the help of experiential learning, research, experimentation, creative creation, movement, musical activities.
    5. Exchanging the results of the activities on the Twinspace through photos and videos
    6. Creation of an e-Book "Stories of Herb "
    7. Evaluation of the project by children and teachers


    Open experience of the living world- children will spend more time in natural environmet, gain new experiences in direct contact with nature.
    Creating a Garden with Medicinal Plant - / growing herbs in pots on the windowsills.
    Raising awareness of how herbs / spices affect our daily lives.
    Skills improvement – serching for information in encyclopedias and on the Internet, in the field of ICT, manual skills, fine motor skills, creativity and artistic feeling.
    Collaboration and fun
    Improving communication

    Create your own Animation