Spanish Art


    This term we´ll be working on Spanish expressionist artist Antonio Padrón, using all information and materials available at his House Museum´s website:

    Or here:

    "Canciones al Óleo" is the work of Spanish poet singer, Heriberto Cruz, who got inspired on the 

    painter´s work to create seven beautiful songs and make it an educational project:

    1. Let´s find living/non living things, food, landscapes and shapes in the pictures, writing down words and making sure the meaning is clear.

    2. Let´s play a guessing game in teams! Titles will be presented in paper strips, the teacher will give points to each team (Blue, Red, Green, Black and White).

    3. Let´s clasify the paper strips with titles depending on the content of the picture: living/non living things, food, landscapes, people,… Explain your ideas and discuss if there are different opinions.

    4. Let´s choose a song from “Canciones al Óleo” (by Heriberto Cruz), the teacher will explain how it was created inspired on Antonio Padrón´s piece or art. Guess the meaning by looking at the painting. Then learn the song (chorus if you find it too difficult for younger pupils). Ask for help to Spanish partners!

    5. Let´s choose another painting of Antonio Padrón and create a poem based on whatever insiration it brings to you.

    6. Let´s measure a big paper rectangle (aprox 89cms x 75 cms) to be used for a group painting inspire don Antonio Padrón´s expressionist style using any art technique, using a lot of creativity.

    7. Let´s find, color following instructions, count, name, ... shapes!

    8. Let´s create fish shapes to hung in a line or mobile!

    9. Let´s create new paintings with this inspiration!

    Let´s invite families to as many activities as possible!

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