Colorful Songs

Through dialogue between different artistic manifestations (poetry, music and painting), cultures and styles, schools around Europe will meet with art in a free way, without limits or boundaries, using it as a vehicle to help children understand the world we live in and contribute to the development of basic skills. The richer sensory development, ...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners and visitors:
    We have a new link from this day if you want to follow our Erasmus+
    I hope to see you all there!
    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 10.10.2016

  • Children's drawings for the contest


    - Posted by elenh koutselakh, 03.10.2016

  • Beautiful Lithuanian butterfly!!!!

    Lithuahian butterfly.jpg

    - Posted by LILIA ALEMAN RODRÍGUEZ, 01.10.2016

  • San José Artesano School´s butterfly finalist:

    Mariposa CEIP San José Artesano.jpg

    - Posted by LILIA ALEMAN RODRÍGUEZ, 01.10.2016

  • We finally made our minds up for one butterfly to represent Juan del Río Ayala School on the Euro Butterfly Contest!


    - Posted by Cecilia Cantizano, 29.09.2016