Poems inspired on different artist´s work


    Thus we see the Mona Lisa!





    With black hair and eyes, 
    before calm and 
    the perfect nose, 
    smiling lips 
    pensive mouth and ... 
    Cheeks That I Love! 
    A beautiful head 
    with the eyebrows and eyelashes, 
    neck stretched, 
    elegant shoulders 
    on the divine chest. .. 
    Dark color! 
    His supple fingers, 
    HIS HANDS strong, 
    with colorful dolls, 
    The Mona Lisa is ... 
    Dressed in Carnival!
    With black hair and eyes, 
    Calm forehead and 
    Perfect nose, 
    Smiling lips, 
    Thoughtful mouth ... 
    Cheeks that I like!
    Beautiful head 
    With eyebrows and Eyelashes, 
    Outstretched neck, 
    Elegant shoulders 
    On the divine chest. .. 
    A black dress! 
    Her supple fingers, 
    Her strong hands, 
    Stained wrists, 
    The Mona Lisa is ... 
    Dressed for carnival!


    ¡Así vemos a La Mona Lisa!

    Con pelo y ojos negros,

    tranquila frente y

    la nariz perfecta;

    sonrientes labios,

    boca pensativa y …

    ¡Cachetes que me encantan!


    Una preciosa cabeza

    con pestañas y cejas,

    el cuello estirado y

    elegantes hombros;

    sobre pecho divino …

    ¡un oscuro vestido!


    Sus dedos suaves,

    sus fuertes manos,

    con las muñecas manchadas,

    La Mona Lisa va …

    ¡vestida de carnaval!



    United Nations Children create poem for Guernica.

    2nd Pre-primary school of Ierapetra-Greece

    Broken city

    The People Are hurted

    AND the babies are dead.

    There is war in Guernica,

    Aircraft throwing bombs

    without food, without water

    THEY Have hungry, thirsty and wounded.

    Gοd, the rescuer

    FIND a house

    pour Stop the War

    and Bringing Peace.

    Πόλη κατεστραμμένη

    άνθρωποι πληγωμένοι

    μωρά πεθαμένα.

    Γίνεται πόλεμος στη Guernica

    αεροπλάνα πετάνε βόμβες

    χωρίς φαί, χωρίς νερό

    πεινάνε, διψάνε, πονάνε.

    Θέε μου, βοήθησέ τους

    να βρουν σπίτι

    να σταματήσει ο πόλεμος

    και να 'ρθει η Ειρήνη.



    Pupils of 2nd pre-primary school of Ierapetra create a poem inspired of the painting "Cactus"



    There's a town in Spain

    in Gran Canaria

    that everybody is happy.

    They're having party

    and for sweets

    they eat prickly pears


    Children dance in circle

    and two people in the angle

    hold the prickly pears

    carefully without fear.


    Υπάρχει μια πόλη στην Ισπανία

    στα Κανάρια Νησιά

    που όλοι είναι χαρούμενοι.

    Κάνουν πάρτυ

    και για γλυκά

    έχουν νόστιμα φραγκόσυκα.


    Τα παιδιά χορεύουν κυκλικά

    και δυο άνθρωποι στη γωνιά

    κρατάνε τα φραγκόσυκα

    χωρίς φόβο και προσεκτικά.