Colorful Songs

Through dialogue between different artistic manifestations (poetry, music and painting), cultures and styles, schools around Europe will meet with art in a free way, without limits or boundaries, using it as a vehicle to help children understand the world we live in and contribute to the development of basic skills. The richer sensory development, ...



1. École élementaire mixte 1 Grand Camp, Guadeloupe, France

2. CEIP Juan del Río Ayala, Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria, Spain    

3. 2º Pre-primary school, Ierapetra, Crete, Greece

4. Nidos lopšelis-darželis "Ąžuoliukas", Neringa, Lithuania

5. Circolo Didattico "Palazzello", Ragusa, Italy  



6. CEIP San José Artesano, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

7. Bilundskolen, Billund, Denmaark

8..Šiaulių Sauliaus Sondeckio menų gimnazija , P. Višinskio g. 35, LT-76351 Šiauliai, Lithuania




Author: Cecilia Cantizano
Last editor: Cecilia Cantizano