Second meeting with Heriberto Cruz, Canciones al óleo

  • On 1sts June, we left school in the morning, with some parents and our teacher, we were all very excited for being invited to a special event with Heriberto Cruz and his project Canciones al óleo. Other schools were invited and our partner friends from CEIP San José Artesano were there too. What made us special was that even though we were the youngest in the audience, we did have an excellent performance with our art work displayed on stage and poetry reading. All Colorful Songs partners were invited too, if you look at the stage, you´ll see the singer´s laptop connected to Flashmeeting waiting for them to attend, but unfortunately due to different time schedules, school calendars and poor connection at some school, the only thing that could be done was to project  video of the the song "Niña de las mariposas" by Lithuanian pupils and teachers, that was a big surprise!


    Heriberto and his band dis their best, they were all excellent, and we had the great opportunity to see them performing in a proffessional stage with high quality sound. Between songs, schools work was projected in a big screen.



    Four children from our class group represented us all reading a poem created inspired in this pictures by Antonio Padrón:



    The event was reported on the local paper: