1.6 Sweden


    NKC - Nättrabyskolan  

    Nättraby - Karlskrona - Sweden

    Our school you will find in the south of Sweden in the village called Nättraby outside the city Karlskrona. Here are wonderful surroundings for working both indoors and outdoors as there is proximity to both forest and sea. Karlskrona has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. Karlskrona has an exciting history and here you will find Sweden´s only naval base placed in the city.

    Nättrabyskolan (NKC), is one of Karlskrona´s largest compulsory schools with almost 900 students. Nättraby Knowledge Center (NKC) is a complete and flexible school with an integrated leisure time center, public- and school libraries and sport facility. NKC is designed as eleven “small schools” with the age spread 6-16 years in a large school. In its center is the square with a café and library, which serve as the school´s hub. There are also at least three parallels where teachers and students can create challenges and exchanges together. The school has different profiles as leadership, aesthetics, and computer/information technology. The school´s main task is for students to have lifelong and enjoyable learning. Together, we will create conditions for each child and raise them to achieve their dreams and become their best selves. 

    Six years ago, the school began to actively work with collegial learning through formative assessment. After two years, this collegiate learning turned into challenging learning, which we have now completed after three years. The staff at NKC are committed, open and social. They care about the students and the students express that they feel welcome. Our future challenges at the school will be to work with language development approaches and leadership in the classroom. Our school has over the years been successful and received several awards and distinctions in technology, construction, science and writing. We believe that when students are allowed to work towards a common goal and with real recipients, it gives greater drive to want to learn new things. Through this project, students will be challenged in the English language, mathematical knowledge and develop their digital skills. That is exactly what is stated in our school goals, but also in line with the EU´s new plan of action concerning digital educational systems and equal access to good education.