9.1 Netiquette

  • COMMUNICATION AGREEMENT: "Respecting Netiquette" 

    Please,  read the Rules below and sign the commitment to follow them throughout the project :)     

    Click on "Go to discussion" below to say you agree to follow  these Rules and principles.

     1. Use  only English  in The TwinSpace. Make sure everyone can understand what you say :)

    2. NEVER act differently online from what you would do in real life, face to face.

    3.ALWAYS be polite (No swearing or rudeness)

    4.NEVER  bother anyone online or through email.

    5. ALWAYS remember Internet Copyright

    6.NEVER pretend be someone else

    7.ALWAYS write in Lower Case (Capitals are like shouting and are rude)

    8.ALWAYS readwhat you write. Make sure it is clear.

    9. ALWAYS when sending or posting a message greet and say goodbye. 

    Greetings:  Hello, Hi...

    Farewell:  Best,  Best regards, Kind regards,  Warm regards, Cheers, ...