2. Introduction

  • “Maths is Fine with Digital Style” project is designed for pupils coming from 6 European countries and the direct target represents primary school pupils aged 6 - 12.

    As Mathematical competence stands as one of the key competencies of the 21st century, six schools from different European countries decided to renew the teaching methods and initiate educational innovation by implementing using digital tools in Mathematics to make students more motivated. 

    The current crisis with Covid-19 showed the importance of digital education. In particular, it emphasised the increased need to harness the potential of digital technologies for teaching and learning and to develop digital skills for all. The crisis also showed that even if we talk about the current generation as “digital generation”, they do not know how to use digital tools for learning.

    Based on the survey we have done among our teachers we came to the conclusion that most of the teachers of primary level would like to improve their digital skills generally. 96% teachers strongly agree or agree that they would like to use digital tools in Maths lessons more to engage and motivate pupils. 82% also agree that computer based homework can engage pupils in learning. Most of them agree that they would be interested in taking parts in Erasmus+ workshops in maths. On the other hand only 39% answered that they use digital tools in Maths more than once a week