Project Plan

  • Twinspace

    Web tool for presenting the project, outcomes, communication and cooperation.

    Google account

    Account has been created to share all the documents and ease the documentation.

    Presenting the project to the community

    Schools will organize staff meetings and meetings with other important agents to present the project and motivate them to get involved. Presenting the project to parents.

    About partners

    Presentation of school and hometown by students. Students will use different formats (ppt, viseo, prezi …) to do research and create a presentation with important information about their partners’ home town and country. They will also prepare an online game. They will share it with their European partners during the first Project meeting that will take place in the Czech Republic.

    Project logo

    Creating the logo of the project. The logo will be used in printed outcomes and during presentations of the project. First video conference to choose the project logo.

    Project phases - Maths

    During each phase, teachers will

    • Create sharable digital materials based on the topic.

    • Discuss specific areas for different grades, so most of the different levels can benefit from that.

    • Choose 2 - 3 applications for creating Maths materials. They will set the way how to collect and share the materials within each application (teachers’ accounts, shared collections, etc.)

    • A minimum of 5 online Maths games will be created by teachers from each country.

    • English - creating materials for supporting Maths language for this topic, so CLIL could be used; the materials will be worksheets or online games. It will be supported with at least 5 materials for different levels of pupils.

    • Create an Escape game based on addition and subtraction. The escape game will be in English and then translated into all 6 languages of the partnership. 

    Support for all partners’ teachers involved in the project will be discussed. Experienced teachers will prepare online seminars or present seminars (during the Project meeting) to teach their colleagues how to use the chosen application for creating online materials. These seminars will be shared as presentations or video recordings. 


    • Counting together 1 - pupils’ online meeting. They will enjoy learning Maths together through games. Pupils will prepare Maths tasks for their international friends.

    • Creating their own games - peer teaching. Pupils will prepare their own games for other partners.


    At the end of this phase teachers and pupils will be given a questionnaire to monitor their progress, motivations, and other expectations. Each partner will do these activities in their own school.  

    Topics of phases

    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Multiplication and Division
    • Fractions
    • Arithmetic mean
    • Geometry 2D, area and perimeter
    • Geometry 3D, shapes, properties, area

    Erasmus Day

    Teachers and pupils will organize presentations of the project and show it to other pupils, teachers, parents, the local community and the press.